Britney Slams Family; Thanks Lawyer For Changing Her Life

Britney Spears took to Instagram to share her appreciation for her lawyer, but she didn’t have nearly the same kind words to say about her family.

The singer posted an ethereal image of two women underwater, writing, “This picture is everything to me !!! It makes me want to cry ...,” adding, “she’s saving her divine feminine sister 🧜🏻‍♀️ !!!!”

But Brit made it pretty apparent that nobody in her family tried to save her. “I suggest if you have a friend that’s been in a house that feels really small for four months … no car … no phone … no door for privacy and they have to work around 10 hours a day 7 days a week and give tons of blood weekly with never a day off … I strongly suggest you go pick up your friend and get them the hell outta there !!!!!,” she writes. “If you’re like my family who says things like “sorry, you’re in a conservatorship” … probably thinking you’re different so they can f**k with you !!!! “

Finally, she notes, “Thankfully I found an amazing attorney Mathew Rosengart who has helped change my life 🌹!!!!”

  • One MoreThing! Many fans are hoping that Britney will go back to performing, but sources tell People, “It seems she's just not ready." But all may not be lost, because the insider says her fiancé Sam Asgahari,“has encouraged her to think about performing again."
  • “He is a great influence on Britney. When Sam is around, Britney's days are very focused," says the source. "Sam is very disciplined about working out and eating healthy. When she is alone, it's hard for her to motivate herself.”

Source: Britney Spears

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