TikTok Hack To Get Free Sonic

TikTok seems to have hacks for everything, but this hack for getting free food at Sonic has sparked a very heated debate online.

Over the weekend a user shared their trick for getting free food at the fast food chain writing, "This is your sign to go to Sonic at closing and ask for all the free Door Dash canceled orders." The video shows a car going through Sonic drive-thru, and an employee giving them bags of food, that were orders that were never picked up. They later shared that their haul included “3 chili cheese fries, 1 chili cheese tot, 3 chili cheese coneys, 4 cheese stick orders, regular tots and fries, 6 different burgers, cherry limeade."

  • While some people thought the hack was “genius,” others (myself included) were not at all impressed, especially because a lot of Sonic workers suggested the food was probably sitting around for hours and no longer good.
    • "Please don’t do this," one person, who said they were a Sonic worker, wrote. "We probably won’t have it and if we do, it’s old."
    • Another added, "As a sonic worker- gross do not do that. It sits there for hours and by the end of the night it’s so nasty."
  • Several Sonic workers suggested that giving away those orders isn’t actually allowed, with one writing, "Whoever gave those orders out broke all the rule(s).”
  • As for what usually happens to the food that’s not picked up, the consensus of commenters say employees usually eat them. As one noted, “They don’t keep the orders. They give them to the employees after [they're] canceled." 

Do me a favor? Don't ask Sonic employee's to break the rules (possibly jeopardizing their job) just to get "free" food. Oh, and please don't eat food that's been sitting out for who-knows-how-long... mmm-kay?

Source: Fox News

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