Food World: 'Drinkable' Potato Chips Are Popping Up

'Drinkable' potato chips are making their way across the pond and it's probably not what you think. No they're not putting delicious, greasy chips in drinkable form. A Japanese company created a product called 'One Hand Chips' that are making it easier to consume the delicious crisp potato without getting your hands all greasy.

While the point of the new product is mostly for users who are incredibly active on their cellphones, aka no grease on the screen for texting, this is a product that probably should have been created a lot time ago. The bags are small enough to fit in one hand, with the chips being created as small, bite sized pieces so when you go to dump, aka drink, the chips you're not having to even touch them to consume.

So, now you can swipe those social media pages away with clean hands and not waste another second waiting for those calories to pile up in deliciousness. As one enthusiast tells The Guardian, "I can just take it and chug it."

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