Top 5 Superhero Power Discovery Moments + Movie Review: Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse + Trailer Park: The Marvels

Best Bits (Just The Bits) with Morgan: PART 2

This part of the podcast is just the best 7 bits from the show this week that I countdown from 7 to 1. This weekend includes a few interviews, employee of the month, and a lot tea! You’ll be able to listen to them uninterrupted with just a few intros!


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Best Bits with Amy: PART 1

In this podcast, Morgan and Amy get vulnerable about being open-minded and self-aware. They talk about their very different Memorial Weekends and what TV shows you should definitely watch right now. Plus, they exchange cat mom stories and some life updates.

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Learning to Love My Body Will Take Time, But I'm Okay With That (Outweigh)

OUTWEIGH: We're bombarded with pressure to look a certain way. It can be overwhelming and constantly worrying about your appearance can distract you from living your life. Amy wants you to feel empowered by rejecting these thoughts and to start practicing radical self-love! To help you REFRAME things, Amy shares positive affirmations/mantras that will help you on your journey towards loving yourself more: mindy, body and soul! The goal of the affirmations is to train your brain to overcome self-sabotaging thoughts. Reframing takes time, but you are worth it, and it can start with 1 simple affirmation (although Amy shares several for you to work with!) Amy also closes this episode out with 2 journaling prompts that will help you have more positive thoughts about yourself and gratitude for your body!


Amy Brown // @RadioAmy //

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(Fri Full Show) Lainey Wilson Is On Talking About Her ACM Performance Malfunction, Why She Went Public With Her Boyfriend, Being Starstruck By Dolly Parton & More! + Why Did Morgan Get Yelled At In The Bathroom? + Easy Trivia!

Lainey Wilson is on the show, and she shares the malfunction that happened during her ACM performance, and we also find out why she went public with her boyfriend and how long they've been together. She'll also share how starstruck she was meeting Dolly Parton and more! Plus, hear why Morgan got yelled at while using a public bathroom and if the show agrees she was in the wrong or not. Then, we play another round of Easy Trivia, find out who the winner is!

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This Has To End....

All good things have to come to an but someone explain why we keep stupid things going. Do people actually watch The Match? The NBA Finals get underway and also Ray tells us which team he is picking to win (I mean putting the jinx) on in the Stanley Cup Finals. Aaron Rodgers looks like a diva all because the Packers didn't FaceTime him more. Chicks are going to the extreme all in the name of the the holy one TAYLOR SWIFT! 

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(Fri Early Bird) Beverley Gilmour, The Woman Who Says She Dies & Comes Back To Life 3x a Month Is On! + Should You Have An Open Bar At Your Wedding? + Fun Fact Friday!

Beverley Gilmour says she dies and comes back to life three times a month. She is on the show sharing details about her experiences, the time she met Jesus, Walt Disney and more in the afterlife. Plus, a listener writes in saying they don't want an open bar at their wedding because they think the money can be spent on better things, but his fiancé wants one. The show debates their thoughts if you should or shouldn't have an open bar at your wedding. Then, we share another round of fun facts, find out if you knew these ones!

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Thurs Post Show (06-01-23)

Bobby talks about how he needs to start checking the weather before driving his Broncho into work. How AI will help prevent school shootings. We get into a discussion on how Ring Camera is under fire for giving employees access to user’s camera and were allegedly used for spying. An inmate was arrested after he stopped at McDonald’s after breaking out of prison.

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(Thurs Full Show) Lunchbox Thinks He’s The Most Famous Person Playing In Celebrity Softball Game + What Is The New Rule In Amy's Household? + Who On The Show Would Do Best In Prison?

Lunchbox is playing in the Folds of Honor Celebrity Softball Game and he thinks he is the most famous person in it. Hear who else is on the list and why he feels his name will help them sell tickets. Plus, find out the new rule Amy is trying in her household and how her kids feel about it. Then, hear who on the show we think would do the best in prison!

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(Thurs Early Bird) Who Is The Employee Of The Month For May? + Scuba Steve Shares Update After Vasectomy + Mailbag: Marriage Ultimatum

Find out who the new Employee of the Month for May is! Plus, Scuba Steve shares an update after getting his vasectomy. Hear how it went and if it was as bad as he thought. Mailbag: When a listener moved in with her boyfriend they talked about marriage and were on the same page about not wanting to rush into it. But it's been three years and there hasn't been any mention of it since. She's not sure how to bring it up, so we shared our advice!

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