Amy Brown Comes Busting In

Wed Post Show (6-12-24)

Bobby talks to Morgan about her reaction to him saying she doesn’t do her job well. Amy gives an update on her moving. Lunchbox has his wife selling pallet items now. Amy possibly spoils Suits because we talk about Season 9. We play a round of ‘Who in the Room’?

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Wed Part 2: Our Photoshoot Drama + Amy's Thoughts on Her Dads Younger Days

The show did their first photoshoot in 7 years and some drama happened behind the scenes...Plus, Amy shared her thoughts about her father when he was younger, and we talk about the average age men on starting families now and more!

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Wed Part 1: Bobby Feud: Top Restaurant Chains + Scuba's Prank on Lunchbox

We play the Bobby Feud: Top Restaurant Chains in the Country, can you guess them correctly? Plus, find out how Scuba Steve pulled one over on Lunchbox about Ashley McBryde while they were backstage at CMA Fest and more!

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Tues Part 2: Is Lunchbox's Altima Finally Dead? + Bobby's Listener Gift

Find out if Lunchbox's 2005 Altima has finally kicked the bucket for good. Plus, Bobby surprises a listener with a gift after her husband had a mishap with tickets to a show and more!

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Tues Part 1: Why Is Bobby Hiring Amy's Son? + Our Movie Recommendations!

Find out why Bobby is hiring Amy's son and the work he plans to have him do! Then, we share our latest movie recommendations and Bobby shares his review of the Japanese movie he had to watch when he lost a bet and more!

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Mike Campbell-Guitarist-Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers and Dirty Knobs

Join @TheBuzzKnight for this episode of Takin A Walk with the great guitarist Mike Campbell. Mike was a member of The Heartbreakers with Tom Petty, and he is also the leader of his band The Dirty Knobs. This episode celebrates the new release from The Dirty Knobs on BMG called ""Vagabonds, Virgins and Misfits."

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Signs You’re an Open-Minded Person (5th Thing)

Amy & Kat go over signs of open-minded people vs. close-minded people and that leads to an unexpected chat about cults. It all stemmed from the quote for this episode: "The trouble with having an open mind is that people will insist on coming along and trying to put things in it." — Terry Pratchett

Dancing for the Devil: 7M TikTok Cult (doc on Netflix both Amy & Kat have watched) 

Cultish: The Language of Fanaticism (book Kat recommends) 


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#456 - Zac Brown on Getting His Start Playing a Decade in Bars

Zac Brown (@ZacBrown) of the Zac Brown Band (@ZacBrownBand)  joined Bobby Bones to talk about the early ups and downs he went through forming his band. He reflects on how he played in bars for a decade before he got his big break. He also chats about how he handled his employees during the pandemic and how he got burned by certain people in his life. Zac also shares the advice Bruce Springsteen gave him that changed his life. He also tells stories about writing some of his biggest hits like "Goodbye In Her Eyes" and why it took 10 years to finish writing that song. Zac also details his intense tour routine and chats about his love for spearfishing and freediving and more! 

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25W: Bobby's Walkout Song Choice + Indiana Fever Beat Writer Scott Agness + Our List of Douchey Cars

After revealing he needed a walkout song for an upcoming event, Bobby had the guys suggest a song and picked one! Plus, Indiana Fever beat writer, Scott Agness joins Bobby to discuss why Caitlin Clark was left off the team USA roster, her perception around the team, and more! And Bobby bought a new car which he thinks may be douchey, so everyone discusses their list of douchebag cars. 


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