TMSG: Airman Helped Elderly Woman Walking With Groceries Get Home

U.S. Airman Jibril Jennings didn't think twice when he saw an elderly woman with a walker trying to get home with her groceries near the highway.

She was struggling to carry her groceries in the 101 degree weather in Oklahoma City, so Jennings jumped into action. He pulled over and helped the woman load her groceries into his truck.

A stranger by the name of Amber Roy captured the sweet moment when she saw it all go down. She posted the video to Facebook and it went viral. Jennings had no idea anyone was filming the events that went down, but he continued to help the woman and took her to her home over two miles away.

Not only did he help there, Jennings then proceeded to help the woman later known as Janice Hall carry the groceries in and put them away. Now he's working to get with some other airmen buddies to repair Hall's broken down ramp outside her home to make things a little easier on her.

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